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What I like best...

Someone in the neopet community on livejournal asked a question as to why do you like your guild. What makes you so happy with it?

I have had that question on my mind for about a week now, and after searching through all the things I thought made my guild so great, I realised that it all came down to one basic factor. Our members. I sincerely believe that our guild has some of the best neopet players involved in it. Regardless of their financial status, how long they have played neopets, or how long they have been a member of Questology, they are genuinely great people. I have seen some amazing things done by the various 11 year olds-over 30 years old for each other and other neopet players. Perhaps an outsider might think me a bit biased, but perhaps these actions will convince you, too:

karaisma gave up much of her time to help me get this guild started. That is super tough to do when you work over 40 hours a week and have a 4 yeard ol to manage. I watched her struggle to move up in neopoints, only to spend them all on a paint brush I was coveting since we began to play the game. Her most recent kindness? She is trying to save up a million neopoints just so that she can give them to one guild member as a prize. Her selfishness is amazing. I wish others would see Neopets like her, and realise, its only a game. Why not help someone else out?

flash666_ came in near the beginning. Neither Kara nor I had many neopoints or members built up yet. Flash, aka Angela, came in bringing games, neopoints and members galore. She found Kara's big neo dream was a faerie paint brush. After Angela got one of the faerie dolls from a neopet game, she sold it and gave Kara the paint brush. She participates often, is dedicated, enthusiastic, and loves to help each of our members out on any neo crisis.

trevalyan, well, Trev has put up with us girls, which isn't always an easy task to do. When the guild was suffering in neopoints, he donated 50,000nps. Asking nothing in return. He volunteers to help run games, offers ideas, and any help he can just to make the game fun for others.

angelbaby8971, Jennifer, has been a great assest to any guild and we are so lucky to have gotten her. When she was given a Baby transmorgrification potion, she donated it towards the guild so that others could reap the wealth of it in prizes. She is always on the message boards offering help and advice. Although, I am sure at times I overwhelm her with tasks to do, she does them, and quite well. I am lucky to have gotten to know her so well off of neopets and know that no, life for a young teen is never easy. Sometimes we adults make it harder. But, she has overcome a lot and is a beautiful person for it.

friskyfeline27, Jessica, has 3 boys and is a great mom. How can I tell? I watch her mom us! I know I am not the easiest to deal with, but she puts up with my scatter brain ways, and always offers to help make things easier. Whenever she hears the guild is in need of anything, she instantly just gives it to us. When my family experienced a death in the family, her and the rest of the guild sent all of their thoughts towards us. That means something when you can get personal with your guild.

mikes_lil_baby_gurl, Amber, my lil wild child. She takes care of birthdays, donates often and is always charitable with her time for the guild. Out of shear kindness, she is taking the time to make each active guild member their own personal doll. Like Jennifer, adults haven't made it easy just to be a kid. Her strong will and spirit see her through things, and that I appreciate it.

x_think_pink_x, Julia, is probably one of our most vibrant members to date. She came in with a bang and stays that way. Our guild can always count on her to contribute her time, advice, but most of all, her cheerfulness to keep this guild going.

eliotrosewater, Misha, though I always call her eliot (reminds of the sweetness of the same eliot in E.T.), came in offering to help us with banners. I was still learning html at this point, her banners really got me going on great ideas. Best of all, she is always appreciative of everything she has ever gotten from the guild. That goes a long way. Her thank you's always make it seem worth the time I spend on giving out prizes or helping out our members. she is also in college, and I know personally that working and going to school and keeping active on neopets is not an easy thing to do. Her chipperness and dedication to the guild is awesome, and makes her loved!

dragons9891, Rob, has been in our guild awhile, though this account is his newer one. our members can always count on him to encourage them, explain ways on how to make more neopoints and to help get us girls in that ol dreaded battledome. He is quite friendly and is often trying to get his friends to join what he sees as an awesome guild. Thanks for putting up with us girlies!

spinnywyld, Spinny, is another one of our moms who has put in a lot of effort towards our guild. Once again, when I was learning html, she came in and revamped our entire look to be the pretty guild it is now. She loved, trusted and respected us enough to allow her own son to join. That said a lot to me. Not many parents want to play along
side their kids, as this is their escape. Thanks for everything spinny!

q_t_bear, our lil cutie, keeps Amber sane and out of trouble. Well, she tries to. She is always one of the first to get her quests done, always posts on the boards, helps other members out, and is recently a fiance. Now, our guild ahs two real life weddings to plan! She really is a great member!

magick132000 is another one of our great artists in the guild. Little does she know, we plan on putting her talents to work!! She is always kind, attempts to be involved in everything our guild has to offer and encourages others to be involved too. Many times, her kind and quiet ways have made me smile. Even with a time zone difference, she tries her hardest to keep this guild and its members active and having fun.

flyerchic14, Annah, is a newer member of our guild, but has been a wave of helpfulness. When Julia had a pet in the beauty contest, Annah encouraged our members on a daily basis (and sometimes more often lol) to vote for her. Not satisfied with just that, she advertised Julia's pet on each of her own pet look-ups. Her extreme gratitude for every gift, prize and giveaway are more of a reward than anything she can donate. Currently, her grandfather is ill with cancer. She and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

crazee_cuttie_chick, Jasmine, our ray of sunshine bounced into our guild recently and has constantly been a great help on our message boards. She, like some of the others, offers her own games to keep the members active and busy. This helps a lot, becuase it is difficult even with two councils to always have something for our members to do.

crazziechica17, Beth, helps us out by always advertising how much she loves our guild! Anytime I have gone to her user look-up, there is something there telling other players to come check us out. Her vinrant spirit is a joy to have in the guild, and we are lucky to have such a cheerful girl to help us out!

ab2002ab, although quiet on the message boards, is quite active. Our neomails keep me laughing, smiling and remind me that yes, this guild is for you guys. The ideas I get from our neomails help inspire amny of our games and projects. Ab, is my muse :P

There are so many other wonderful members, but it is hard to list each of you in one post and would be a very long post if I told you about each of our 88 members. So, this is post one of my thank you to the guild. Another will follow up mentioning the others and all of their greatness. Thank you all for picking our guild to join. Even more, thank you for keeping this guild alive, bringing in members, and becoming my friends and neopet family.

Jeanna aka icey_bear
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