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Lol, I am a nutcase

I got 3 go figure, I like the fir

As a Fire Faerie, you are unique and different. You set your own styles, and don’t follow others. You are out going, and love to be the center of attention. You are also very comical, and can put a smile on anyone’s face. But sometimes you may go too far, and hurt others in the process of being funny.

As a Light Faerie, you are an all around good person. Friendship is very important to you, and you never take your friends for granted. You love to go out and just have fun with these people that are close to you. You are a very loveable person, who everyone finds cool. You are good at heart, and dislike those who are cruel and disrespectful.

and of course, how fitting:

As the Faerie Queen, you are a born leader. You are kind to everyone pure of heart, and help others with their problems. You take charge when things need to get done, and you are good at your job. You are classy and sophisticated, liking the finer things in life. But sometimes you may think you are better than others because of your higher status in life.

I am off for a bit, Bobby's been playing with his neopets (addict HAHHAHAHAHAH) so I only get the computer HALF as much now blah to him
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